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  • What is money and how did money come about?

    What is money and how did money come about?

    In the old-times people would simply exchange one tangible resource for another, or in the case of a market setting, several people would exchange many tangible resources amongst each other otherwise known as the barter system. As societies became more modern, there became a need to have a medium of exchange that can be easily measured.

    A dollar for example, is a unit of measurement like a gallon or a pound of a commodity. In all seriousness when someone says “give me 20 dollars” your response should be “20 dollars of what?”. That’s all money is; a medium or temporary a holding state of something of value in a specific amount, the same as ice can be a temporary holding state of water. The original purpose of money was not to become the permanent holding instrument for value as it has become in today’s society. Let’s say that I am a carpenter and I have some wood and you are a butcher and you have some beef. I need beef but you don’t need any wood. How do we exchange? How do we both get what we both need? How can we do business? This is why the medium of exchange became useful. So since you don’t need any wood, I can exchange money instead and you can go and get whatever it is that you do need. So money is essentially whatever you want it to be. The current form of money is different than it was in the early human societies. Money was once a tangible resource such as gold, silver or some “real” commodity. Today money is simply a number printed on fancy paper or some digits on a computer screen. The way in which individuals get money and who controls the value of it is the important thing. Let’s suppose you are a farmer and you own a lot of natural and tangible resources. However, you need to develop your resources in order to build an income for yourself and expand your farm. So you go to a bank and ask for a loan of $100,000. The Banker looks at you and asks, “Okay, what do you have as collateral?” So you tell the Banker that you have a lot of land, animals and wood. So, the Banker says, “Okay, we will accept that.” So you put up your farm as collateral and the Bank loans you the $100,000. What did you just do? In essence, what you just did was hand over something of real value in exchange for something of no real value, hence the name Real Estate. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Bank is actually still in control of the value of what they remitted to you, because the bank controls interest rates that they use to inflate and deflate the value of the money they just loaned you. So, you borrowed the money to buy tractors and other farm equipment. At the time you took out the loan a tractor cost $10,000 but now a tractor cost $12,500. Its not that the tractor went up in value, it’s that your money went down in value due to what is called inflation and who controls inflation? The bank. In other words, if I were to loan you $5.00 but I have a string made of inflation attached to the $5.00 and as soon as you walk away from me I pull the string, suddenly your $5.00 is worth $4.50, I pull it again a few days later and now its worth $4.00, then $3.00, then $2.25 then down to $2.00. However, as in the previous example, the Bank will own your farm if you fail to repay the loan with the agreed interest. The value of your farm will not decrease but the value of the money you borrowed will. It will also cost you more if you ever had to buy another farm after the bank foreclose on the farm you put up for collateral. To Your Mastery Of Money! -Anthony

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  • The Reality About MLM Business Opportunities

    The Reality About MLM Business Opportunities

    Most people are pretty skeptical of Multi-Level Marketing ( MLM ) or Network marketing business opportunities. A huge part of the reason why is because the people involved promote the business as easy money you can make without any investment. Many people get involved under those pretenses only to disappoint themselves. MLM is as American as apple pie as I discussed previously in How To Really Make It In America’s Free Enterprise system. America was founded on the principles of opportunity, independence and free enterprise. Which as a society we have largely gone away from those principles and instead have become an economy dominated by large multinational corporations that eat up all the businesses in the free market system. As a result most Americans settle for a job that limits their income and overwhelmingly retires them broke without any inheritance or legacy to leave for their children. Multi-Level Marketing or MLM offers away to energies the independent representative, franchise or home based business model so that the average person can build a business of their own without having to spend money on the large infrastructure that is required to compete in today’s economy. So rather than working for a company you work with a company. This provides unlimited opportunity to grow your income and team through duplication. Here is a look at the top MLM companies in the world. 1. Avon was founded back in 1886 and has revenues exceeding $10 billion dollars and has a large network in almost every country in the entire world. 2. Amway completely revolutionized the Network Marketing industry in the 1990s and continue to grow. Their reported earnings are over $8 billion dollars. 3. Vorwerk is a German based company that was founded in 1883 their revenues are just under $3.5 billion dollars their sister company Jafra sells cosmetics while Vorwerk specializes in appliances. 4. Mary Kay Mary Kay is huge and their reps are everywhere. They’re in every country, in most cities, there’s probably a Mary Kay rep in your circle of friends! 5. Herbalife has been around for a little over 25 years now. They are basically a health company that specializes in weight loss, personal care and BS vitamins. 6. Primerica Financial Services has made the biggest impact in the MLM industry. They aren’t exactly global right now, but have generated revenues over two billion dollars. 7. Tupperware make and distribute plastic storage products through the power of Network Marketing They took the industry by storm 8. Natura Cosmetics generates around $2 billion dollars yearly and they’re based in Brazil. It’s the only MLM company in South America 9. Oriflame, a Swedish company that does a lot in annual revenue. Oriflame is another beauty product company. 10. Forever Living generates over 1.6 or 1.7 billion dollars in annual revenues. They have a variety of products that range from weight loss, skin care, cosmetics and even nutritional supplements. As you can see these are some serious companies that have been around for a long time The interesting thing about MLM companies is that they make a bunch of money but most of the revenue is paid out to the independent representatives (sales reps). While in a traditional company the majority of the revenues are not. However, don’t think that multi-level marketing (MLM) won’t cost you any money to start or any time to build. Any, successful selling, and most certainly, network marketing, will require an investment, dedication and a lot of hard work! And you may if go some years before you can make it into a full-time income. Before signing up for any MLM deal or begin one of your own, it’s going to pay you to market research relative to the sales potential of the whole deal, use good judgment and take advantage of your strengths. For example, make sure the opportunity is something you feel comfortable attempting to recruit people into and your recruits would be good at selling or you’re won’t have much of a winning MLM opportunity. Especially with MLM programs that offer “limited appeal” products such as gourmet recipes, health foods, household “nicknacks,” books on needlecraft or magazine subscriptions. Be careful also of deals that require you to purchase an inventory or maintain a certain sales level. Look for the “bad parts” of an offer, and then weigh these against the ease with which you’ll be able to make a sale. The bottom line is if you have a hard time selling it, then the people you recruit to sell it for you too and that won’t work. As with any business market is the most important aspect you will not make money unless you reach interested buyers. As with most marketing it’s a numbers game they more people you expose your opportunity to the more sales you will get after you have been selling your MLM for a while you will get to know what your opt-in rate is. That is the percentage of people that opt-into your offer once exposed to it. Don’t waste time or dollars on products teaching you how to find prospects. Marketing will be your main cost and your opt-in rate will determine how much Return On Investment you can expect by spending a certain amount on a marketing campaign. Multi level marketing is a business for dreamers and visionaries who are able see something before it’s there. MLM is for people who have a high belief in themselves this is why so many MLM business owners  invest a lot on their own mindset, they ingest daily motivational audio, tend to be heavy readers and attend webinars and seminars to improve themselves. Compared to most franchise systems such as Mcdonald’s Franchise for instance charge you up to 10 times the average annual profit as a start-up fee. So for example, The average annual profit for a Mcdonalds is about $200,000 which means if you wanted to buy a Mcdonalds restaurant you would need a start up fee of about $2,000,000. Consequently you can make the same $200,000 profit in a MLM business without the $2,000,000 initial start-up costs. The network, multi level, MLM market or whatever you want to call it is an attractive industry for many; stay at home moms, ambitious young people, 9-5 workers and serial entrepreneurs. The benefits are amazing if you can get it; you can work from anywhere, the start-up costs are very low and you don’t need any experience. You get to leverage the resources of a much larger company and you can also make a bunch of money and go from rags to riches.

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  • Full Time Blogging

    Full Time Blogging

    Blogging  and even Full Time Blogging has become as very popular online business model. Blogging allows content creators to build an audience, business prospects and even a full time income. Blogging has taken the world by storm, at first the mainstream did not take blogging seriously but as blogging continued to grow, bloggers continued to get better and mainstream content sources began to lose credibility as bloggers have moved in and filled the gap that the mainstream media and news sources have left void. Now bloggers is finally starting to get the respect it has earned and serious writers and even multi-million dollar media empires have started to take notice buying up popular blogs and even building their own blogging products. So, if you aren't blogging already what are you waiting for?

     Blogs are the predominant form of informational content on the internet and if there is one thing the internet is about it's information. If you have in-demand information content and a little marketing skill then you can build an audience on the internet. Everyday millions of people are making trillions of searches on the internet for information if you have what they are looking for then you are guaranteed to build and audience. If there is one thing that every content creator needs be it, writer, musician, comedian, video producer is an audience. Once you have build an audience for your content then there are several different ways you can monetize that audience. The key to success of any content creator is to build an audience first, that's the first step and the first step is always the hardest. This is the reason there is so many free things on the internet today. Just think about it if you walk down to your neighborhood store and want something to read, watch or listen to you will have to pay for it, newspapers, magazines, books, music, movies all cost money. But do a random search about any topic in your favorite internet search engine and your chances of finding some free information about that subject is very high. You can find free ebooks, blogs, videos and audio content free of charge. Why? Because the content creator is trying to build an audience, its that simple.

     There are many ways you can make money from your audience or blog readership , once you have a blog of your own and that is a process all to it's self. Money can begin flowing in right away, depending on how fast your readership and web page views grow, which will motivates you into building your blog even more and start Full Time Blogging.

    A very good platform to build your blog would be Wordpress or Blogger. These are blog platforms, i.e. you can create your blog using the software they provide. In addition, you will also need some hosting space and domain name to set your blog running. The main difference between Wordpress and Blogger is that Blogger is free. That means, you will have to contend with advertisements from other people on your blog. Wordpress is considered to be more professional and is for serious Full Time Blogging.

    Quick Tip:

    If setting up a domain name, hosting account, configuring blogging software is not your cup of tea then. Then the people over at The Empower Network have taken out all the pain from the blog set-up process so you can get up and running right away without any technical knowledge of how to set-up anything. Once you get started with Empower you simply log-in and start blogging. The have full training and even a built in monetization system that, tracks all your leads and start getting you paid immediately.

     If you get good content on your blog (including keyword optimized text, videos and photos), you can be sure that it will get populated soon. The search engines love blogs because they get a constant update of content and because so many people keep visiting them. In today’s scenario, blogs are the most effective type of website.

     The following are some ways in which you can turn your blog into a full-time income source:

    • You could use PPC advertising to make money on your blog.

    • You could directly sell or advertise products.

    • You could give away an eBook or a newsletter subscription and get leads.

    • You could build a blog, populate it and then sell the whole thing for a tidy profit.

    To Easy Money! -Anthony

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  • Making It In America – Free Enterprise System

    Making It In America – Free Enterprise System

    The great thing about a modern society is that we keep track of everything and numbers never lie. You can literally tell the future by studying the numbers. As a child looking at the various statistics you can make decisions that will lead you down the path of doom or glory. Based on statistics a child can know if they take drugs what type of life they are likely to have. Or if they play sports what type of health they will have later in life. If they drop out of school and so on.

    Its a fact that the majority of people die broke by the age of 65 with nothing to leave for their children. These parents unwillingly force their children to suffer the same faith as they did. They say 99% of the wealth is concentrated within 1% of the population. The average college student in the United States graduate $27,000 in debt. The overwhelming majority of college graduates go get a job to work for someone else. 99.9% of college students living in free market economies receive less than an hour worth of instruction in how to successfully operate their own enterprise within a free enterprise economy. In the United States 95% of all new businesses fail. 34% of older Americans must use credit cards to pay for basic living expenses, such as mortgage payments, groceries and utilities with an average credit card debt of amount $8,000. The average Social Security check in the U.S. is $1,230 a month. Anyone with an honest eye looking into these numbers would come to the conclusion that based on the numbers most people will not make it in America which has been towering beacon of the free market system. What if we looked children of free market economies in their little bright eyes and actually told them the truth. If we did it would sound something like this: Son, you will graduate from college in debt, wait six months to find your first job, after working until age 65 you still won’t have enough savings to pay for life after retirement, so you will have to depend on social security, if its still available and since that’s not enough you will have to turn to credit cards to make up the difference. You will then proceed to die broke with nothing to leave for their children. This is exactly how not to make it in a free market economy but this is exactly what children of free market societies are taught to do. Free market systems are not what they use to be and certainly not what they promote themselves to be. In actuality the average person seem sucks at entrepreneurship, are quick to work for someone else even though the numbers show that’s a road that leaves early death while broke and in poor health. Recently, because of the bad global economy and resulting high unemployment rate people are being forced into self-employment. That’s right forced! Resulting in the number of people who primarily work for themselves to increase to a whopping 14% of the American work aged population, for example.  

    What happened here where did free market economies go wrong? Did it go wrong? The Americas and the Caribbean was created as a free enterprise society. Even the ships that first sailed to the Atlantic coast did so in the name of commerce. The people came to “the west” for opportunities that were not available in their homeland, they wanted to escape, being second class citizens to royal families who owned all the land and taxed them to hell. They came here to find free enterprise, opportunity no matter the cost they wanted to make it.

    So what changed? When did people lose their way to make it? Well, in the mid 1800’s the industrial revolution began. Prior to that skilled labor was done by skilled tradesmen who were obviously self-employed or slaves who were obviously forced. Either way there was only one way to get work done, a human or animal had to do it. But with the dawn of the industrial revolution there came a third way to get work done, machines. With machines and the development of factories. The economical leverage moved from slave to machine and as a result changed America from an agricultural based economy into an industrial based economy. To capitalize on this new technology the industrialist needed educated people to run the factories, operate the machines, fix, build and maintain the technologies. These industrialist such as John Pierpont Morgan, J.P. Morgan, the American financier and industrial organizer, Andrew Carnegie,Steel and John D. Rockefeller, Oil man played an important role in the development of a public school system that would prepare a workforce for this new economy. This public school system was designed in such as way as to create spokes in a wheel rather than full bicycles. So men whose fathers were self employed small business owners (plumbers, ranchers, butchers, black smith’s and so on) were now simply workers employed by big consolidated industrial companies that ate them up and spit them out while creating barons of industries and millionaires. While leaving the worker never to make much more than the living expenses of his family and to retire penny less much as they do today. This breaking of the free enterprise system into what we have now caused a permanent change in the enterprising spirit of regular people. Resulting in them adopting the belief that you must work hard for money, if its easy then it must be too good to be true and other self limiting beliefs that literally make people frown on opportunities to be self made, take chances and when they do try to they fail miserably because they were never taught the skills to succeed. Besides all the benefits that come with self employment and all the numbers that show what will happen if you go to school, work for someone else for the rest of your life, people still think that it takes money to make money when all it really takes is ideas, drive, determination and consistency. Even the American tax system is written for people taking advantage of the free enterprise system by creating businesses and opportunities. These tax advantages are called tax loopholes by employees who refuse to participate in the free market system. There are nearly 500 tax deductions for business and self-employed individuals that can result in thousands of dollars going into your lifestyle rather than to the IRS if you simply participate in the free market system. Many people are scared to try their hand at a business of their own they don’t feel confident in their ability, ideas or resources to make their business a success if you are one of these people one of the best way to overcome all your shortcomings is by using a franchise system. Most franchise systems such as Mcdonald’s Franchise for instance charge you up to 10 times the average annual profit as a start-up fee so for example. The average annual profit for a Mcdonalds is about $200,000 which means if you wanted to buy a Mcdonalds restaurant you would need a start up fee of about $2,000,000. But don’t let that discourage you there are other start-up franchises one of most cost effective options are home based businesses. The main advantages of any home based business, especially MLM, Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing opportunities is they are literally a business-in-a-box with unlimited income potential, offer control over your time, low start-up costs, low risk to reward and they are a great lifestyle business. To Our Prosperity! -Anthony

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  • The internet business opportunity

    The internet business opportunity

    is one of the largest Business opportunity if all time. Made famous by the dot com boom then bust in the 1990′s. The overwhelming majority of new millionaires are created from business made possible by the internet. For decades real estate was the number one millionaire maker but now it is the internet. The internet makes it possible for someone with nothing but an idea to massively mobilize people that resonate with that idea creating new markets, new products, new services and reinventing old ways of doing things.

     Before the internet the power of fame was reserved for a few large media corporations and film studios that completely controlled the content going out the the mass market. But with the internet a person can become famous from a webcam in their living room. The Internet Opportunity levels the playing field for everyone world wide making people in both developed and developing countries able to access the same marketplace and sell to anyone anywhere any time. The opportunity to for anyone to reach the mass market directly is a game changer and the old media powers don’t like it one bit.  The internet as free as it is now will only remain so for a limited time. Even now as you read this article the large corporate powers are lobbying congress, merging and creating ways to lock down the internet as we know it now. If they could they would charge you for every second you are online, every page you few and every person you connect with and they will not stop until they do just that. With that said the Internet Opportunity is a for a limited time.  To the uninitiated it may seem as if the dot com revolution is over and with it the enormous business opportunity. Well prepare to be initiated because the information I will reveal in this article exactly how big of a business opportunity still remains on the internet.

    Most people still use the internet mainly to socialize with friends, meet new people, watch funny cat videos, chat, find the latest gossip, and laugh at funny pictures.

     Meanwhile, a few but growing segment of people are finding lucrative business opportunities online even without knowing how to build websites, code software or develop genius ideas.  These opportunity seekers are simply taking advantage the internet’s ability to conquer distance between people, craft a public messages, move money around the world instantly, go viral or sell something from their own home to customers all over the world.  The internet is the perfect environment for global business opportunity because it is open 24 hours per day, time zones don’t matter, everyone in the world can be a customer, its reliable, easy, convenient and has not yet reached its peak.  If you are looking for a businesses opportunity that allows for tremendous growth while starting on a shoestring budget  then don’t waste time looking any further than the internet. There are literally thousands of ways to build a businesses online.  Here is why the internet opportunity is far from over. If you live in one of the economically developed countries then you are likely overwhelmed by the internet everywhere you go. But if you do not live in one of these economically developed countries then you do not have unlimited access all the time yet. Here lies the opportunity, all these people around the globe, will be coming on line in the next 10 years and when they do you would’ve already been on the internet waiting for them with products and services that they will need.  This is the advantage, if you are reading this article then likely you have had head start on them so all the things you know how to accomplish online they will need to learn and you will be there to teach it to them. There is even the opportunity to help them to get online. So position yourself now and buckle in because the internet business opportunity is just hitting full stride. But I warn you that this business opportunity is limited and will eventually be locked down by massive corporations, so get in now and hold your seat. How do you take part in the great internet opportunity, the gold rush of our time if you don’t have the technical skill and ideas to change the world?  Subscribe to my blog  and find out hundreds of ways to do so The internet opportunity is BIG and promises to free millions of people to work anywhere, be anyone and do anything. To Your Success! -Anthony

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